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Quakes Leave Impact on 2017 Season Opener

Pundits and Meteorologists forecast a damp start for San Jose’s 2017 season. Quakes fans revel in a long-awaited win illuminated by attacking-style sunshine.

Godoy confidently celebrates his game-winning goal before kickoff, surrounded by FO-supplied & Fire Marshall-approved smoke.
Eli Stuart

SNAP SHOTS: Shaking the seismograph from the very start!

Before we even get to San Jose’s season opener, let’s pause to appreciate Quakes Fan Dunstan’s commute to get to Avaya before the 2017 kickoff:

[LOBINA Pro Tip: Sipping Bloody Mary’s over the entire length of an intercontinental flight—especially East to West—counters Jet Lag like your liver wouldn’t believe]


REMINDER: In addition to pre-match parties with the San Jose Ultras in the parking lot next to the train tracks, local nearby stalwarts like Jack’s Bar and Golden Gate Brewery also celebrate game days ALL DAY LONG.


Catch San Jose Earthquakes matches—especially away games—at local watering holes with fellow fans!

San Jose: Ultras usually gather at Golden Gate Brewery, SJE staff & fans at Rookies.

San Francisco: Check out San Francisco Athletic Club or Rogue for more Quakes crowds, though the Footie Force is always strong at Mad Dog in the Fog & Danny Coyle’s in the Haight.

Oakland: Currently under discussion, so please ante in: would be great to have! (Especially near a BART station :)

Walnut Creek: Stadium Pub has 20 Kabillion TVs and will flip a few over to Quakes games on request (staff very used to Champions League crowd taking over Tues. / Wed. lunches)


When the Ultras have been banned in the past due to smoke being lit in the section, Ultras Montréal stood with their San Jose counterparts, holding up signs reading: “SJ ULTRAS / USED FOR MARKETING / BANNED FOR PASSION.”

Instead of a big, fancy tifo production for the season opener, Ultras instead chose to reciprocate with solidarity—a banner proclaiming “Different Clubs, Same Ideal—Cheers, Montréal Ultras!”:

Is Dunstan going to make it back to Avaya in time for kickoff?

Such a Win-Win-Win situation! We salute both of your efforts to support Quakes in person! #RelationshipGoals



Hey San Jose FO: Improve readability of the social media lineup card.

  • Fails to provide player position or picture
  • Names need to be larger than “Starting XI” title
  • Make Radio / TV channels more distinct and where to find them
  • Delineate between “Pre-Game Ceremonies” and ACTUAL “Kickoff Time” (Ridiculous for FO to list KO as 6:45pm when CSNBA doesn’t even start broadcast until 7pm & actual KO is 7:10+pm).


Can we be done with national anthems for club teams? Might have been a great advertising technique for 1918 baseball games during WWI, but now holds zero relevance for multinational corporate sports teams featuring international rosters entertaining multicultural fans. The U.S. is the only country that plays the National Anthem before every, single game, and fans shouldn’t have to take a kickoff-delaying “Patriot Test” to enjoy a soccer match. Instead, imagine the entire stadium singing the San Jose club song! (Which is _________ ? Exactly.) Liverpool has “You Never Walk Alone”, Manchester City has every Oasis song—it’s time for all San Jose to rock our Quakes song. Which can be anything except Smash Mouth.

But if you’re adamant about respecting people and where they’re from, then why didn’t we honor Montréal by singing the Canadian National Anthem in French? No biggie, as long as you have no issue being honored with “La bannière étoilée” when we play in Québec. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

First Half


Dutch Media chiming in (expanded global coverage another bonus from signing Hoesen?—Just think if we signed a quality Japan, Korea, or Australia player!)


One of my social media minions conducted a very scientific poll* on whether Quakes fans preferred the new offering of Curly Fries if San Jose scores in the second half to last year’s Two Tacos.

Curly Fries: 68.3%

Two Tacos: 31.7%

[*Sample size: 7-10 people within talking distance of Eli in the Lower Supporters’ Section]

The poll did not include online responses, which overwhelmingly blasted the Curly Fries usurpation:


The New Quakes’ kits are a hot fire winner. When revealed a few weeks ago at a rockin’ event at San Pedro Square, the new Black jersey with fading Blue impact stripes wowed some (like infamous kit nerd Robert Jonas) and just whelmed others. But time and witnessing the uni’s in action (especially winning action) seem to have converted many into believers:

Further proof: Quakes After 90’s Dom—who hasn’t sprung for a San Jose jersey in a few years—announced on the most recent pod he’s going to rock the new Black Home with a Homegrown Tommy Thompson across the back.

Remember: Season Ticket Holders get 20% off Quakes all year!

Second Half:


Tommy Time! Fan fav and Homegrown Tommy Thompson continued his impressive off-season performance with an electric season opener.

Tommy has bulked up, sped up, & skilled up (possible?!?) to become a seriously dangerous and effective MLS winger / midfielder. Quakes fans initially bemoaned San Jose letting Alberto Quintero’s loan lapse, but Tommy has proved himself throughout preseason to be a ready and willing replacement—with the added skill set of quick-cutting inside and taking the ready shot.

Alllll-aboard!! Choo Choo!

Avaya has also revamped the LOBINA scoreboard, to visually assist any player who doesn’t speak Referese:

Eli Stuart

In terms of technology, while Avaya prides itself in being a “Cloud-Enabled” stadium, some longtime Quakes fans prefer the Old Skool radio wave connection:

A veteran fan listens to Ted Ramey and Joe Cannon on KNBR 1050 while watching the action on the Avaya pitch below for the full Quakes experience during San Jose’s 1-0 win over Montreal on March 4, 2017.
Eli Stuart

Television, radio, internet—Quakes fans have so many quality ways to watch the games, but nothing beats being there in person!

Post Game:


Still no love for the Ultras from anyone outside of Avaya:

But National Media (GASP!) might start showing a little love for Godoy:

While a bit clearer than the BCS playoff selection process, the Audi Player Index still befuddles and bemuses most MLS fans. But hey, Godoy tops the group this week:

So we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Congrats to Quakes Florian Jungwirth, Nick Lima, and Anabel Godoy for making the first week’s MLS Team of the Week! FYI: San Jose rocked more members than any team in MLS, AND matched all reps from the entire Eastern Conference!

LOBINA Bar Talk:

While all of the online #Quakes74 conversation grows and grows, the true foundation of San Jose’s success lies with our fans. We’re the ones who rock the stands, open the wallets, and hold every win, loss, successful cross, misplaced pass, YC’ed challenge, unsung run, shanked shot, and buried goal deep in our hearts.

Following #SJvMTL, LOBINA met with Quakes fan Esteban to discuss the 2017 season opener:

We hope to meet with many fans over the 2017 season, to have conversations and share views about everything Quakes: from game-time rosters to bouncy houses to Avaya beer selection to Dom’s tactical decisions and hairstyle(s) to individual performances on the pitch (including Q’s take-down of any invaders)—we hope to hear your opinions!

Either meet up with our Social Media minions on gameday, or feel free to contact LOBINA anytime:



Don’t forget your bag of Godoy Chip!

See you Saturday night at Avaya for the next home match: San Jose vs. Vancouver!