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La Cruda: Earthquakes vs. Red Bulls

Hungover thoughts about the Quakes latest loss to NY Red Bulls

Wondo Watch

Just about the only consistent bright spot on the Quakes the last several years has been the passion and goals of Chris Wondolowski. With his goal against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday Wondo now sits at 144 goals in his career, just 2 shy of claiming the all-time record all for himself.

With that goal Wondo also broke another MLS record, most consecutive seasons scoring 10 or more goals. Wondo has double-digit goals in the last 9 seasons breaking his own record he set last year when he lead the Quakes with 13 goals.

This is also the first time the Quakes have 3 players with double-digit scoring since 2012 at the beginning of the goonie era. If all you read about the San Jose Earthquakes 2018 season was these three paragraphs you might think it was a pretty good season, not one of the worst in league history

Under Construction

Avaya Stadium has been a beehive of construction since its construction lead to a wave of new development on a piece of land that used to be home to a factory that made tanks for the military. Supporters have had to deal with dirt lots that become a muddy mess after rain and a dust storm in normal weather but good news is on the horizon.

Several weeks ago ground was broken on a new parking structure that will be shared between the tenants of the Coleman-Highline development and San Jose Earthquakes supporters. The new structure will add 1,700 parking spaces, most of them presumably paved, to Avaya Stadium’s already massive space to park cars. I for one look forward to saving money on car washes and not eating tailgate food with extra crunch.


Saturday, the Earthquakes turned the lawn in front of the huge bar, known as the 7Up Epicenter, into their own version of the Wiesn to celebrate Oktoberfest. For an extra fee you received a 20oz draft beer, of at least Modelo quality, an all-you-can-eat Bratwurst buffet, of better than Oscar Meyer quality, and access to a beer garden. OK, so I may have added a little marketing flair to their offerings but judging but they amount of happy-drunk pseudo-Germans the event was a huge success and I can’t wait for the first weekend of October next year.