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Analyzing A San Jose Earthquakes Tweet

Wake Me Up in January

The San Jose Earthquakes sent out a Tweet yesterday for #WallpaperWednesday (which I guess is a thing) featuring new manager Matias Almeyda and I just can’t get myself to stop looking at it. First off, the way Twitter previews pictures make it seem like Almeyda is rising from some unknown body of water. It is symbolic of El Pelado taking this team from murky brackish waters into the wide expanse of dry land. When one clicks on the picture you see the full majesty of the scene. Almeyda proudly stands above the silverware he has acquired over the years as if to say these were great to earn but now they are behind me and I want more. There is plenty of empty space to fill up with more silverware and a faint Earthquakes logo to hint at who he may win that silverware with.

So what do you think of my assessment of the tweet? Do the San Jose Earthquakes have some of the more philosophical minds working in their marketing department or I am just a writer that is trying to pass the time until January?