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Earthquakes Advent Calendar Day 15: Punk

Punk and the San Jose Earthquakes have deep radical roots

2016 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 3
Lars Frederikson the brainchild behind the Quakes anthem “Never Say Die”
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

As our San Jose Earthquakes advent calendar marches on, we get our first musical entry: Punk Rock. Most of this connection comes from one person, Lars Frederiksen, but it as solid of a connection as you can get. If you don’t recognize that name, maybe you are familiar with a band out of the Bay Area called Rancid, if you grew up in the 90’s you still probably have a copy of “...And Out Come the Wolves” somewhere around your house.

Frederiksen grew up in the south bay, and his love for the Earthquakes has never been a secret. When the Earthquakes threw a massive party in downtown San Jose to show off their new look Frederiksen’s new band, Old Firm Casuals was the featured musical act. That night they played their latest song a loud, aggressive tune called, of course, “Never Say Die.”

If you look into random facts too closely like I do, you might also catch another connection between Rancid and the San Jose Earthquakes. The third song of the previously mentioned legendary album “...And Out Come the Wolves” is called “Roots Radical.” It starts with the lyrics, “Took the 60 bus. Out of downtown Campbell.” Today you can still take the 60 bus out of downtown Campbell, and one of the stops on that route is the Santa Clara Caltrain station. That is the station you that drops you off on the edge of the Avaya Stadium parking lots.

The advent calendar continues, what will be behind tomorrows door?