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Earthquakes Advent Calendar Day 17: MLS Cup

The San Jose Earthquakes two MLS Cups sit above the main gate of Avaya Stadium

The San Jose Earthquakes have been bad for so long that it is sometimes hards to remember the glory days but what is behind today’s door should cheer you up: the MLS Cup. Actually two to be exact one from the 2001 season and the other from 2003.

The Earthquakes are one of five teams to have won MLS cup more than once, and they are the only team with more than one appearance to have never lost a final. Today’s version of the squad bears little resemblance to those early century champions, but they serve as a reminder of this team’s proud and successful history in MLS. They also serve as a barometer for the future, the beleaguered supporters will take any sign that this organization is figuring itself out in this modern MLS, but everyone knows the goal is to return to the glory days. Playoff appearances are nice, but for a team with as much history and previous success as the Earthquakes, the only way the front office can convince the supporters that they can produce results is simple. Win another cup.

The hiring of Matias Almeyda is a sign that the front office wants to add more silverware to their trophy room. Can El Pelado deliver on those expectations is a story will have to wait until next season to be told.

Our calendar rolls on tomorrow as we see what is behind door number 18!