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Earthquakes Advent Calendar Day 4: Red Google Traffic Bar

Just your typical 4 PM Bay Area traffic.

Anyone who has spent time driving in San Jose or anywhere else in the Bay Area for that matter knows about the areas notorious traffic. Everybody from Andalusia to Ypsilanti has their local traffic horror stories but like many other things, the Bay Area raises (or lowers) the bar. There is even a list of the best places to WATCH traffic around the area. So its only natural that the dreaded red bar make it into our San Jose Earthquakes advent calendar.

GP of St.Petersburg
Speed limits? Where we’re going we don’t need speed limits.

The bar not only represents a daily nightmare for residents of San Jose but on game-days when Coleman Avenue and Interstate 880 are packed with people heading to Avaya it means a longer wait to complete the weekly pilgrimage. Those anxious minutes seem to slip by ever slower until the silhouette of Avaya comes into view. Sitting in traffic on Coleman Ave facing the open end of the stadium one is allowed to reflect on what it took for this team to get here and gives an opportunity to present an offering to the soccer gods in the hopes that they will allow the light of victory to shine down on our boys in black-and-blue.

Luckily if you are not the “sitting in traffic reflecting on life” type the Stadium is also served by a number of other transit options. There is a Caltrain stop ten minutes away, a never-ending supply of Uber and Lyft drivers, an international airport, and my personal favorite electric scooters all ready to deliver you on the steps of that soccer cathedral.

Check in tomorrow to see what is behind door five!