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Earthquakes Advent Calendar Day 5: Food Trucks

The San Jose Earthquakes diversify their food options with trucks

Food trucks hang out in the rain after opening day win over Montreal in 2017.

Behind today’s door is a familiar sight around downtown’s all over the country but not as common in sports stadiums: Food trucks! Every game the San Jose Earthquakes host at Avaya features a dozen trucks parked inside the gates sitting conveniently across from the giant bar that goes across the open east end of the stadium. With food styles ranging from traditional Oaxacan food to Italian sandwiches and of course ice cream to keep you cool in the summer heat, one could easily spend all game-day trying different food.

The food trucks are one of the traditions brought over from Buck Shaw Stadium whose concession selection could be politely referred to as rudimentary. Having them at Avaya offers a way to engage the local food community while also diversifying the food options available around the stadium. I know my season would not be complete without my usual Polpette (meatball) sandwich from Speedy Panini if you try it grab a couple extra napkins because that delicious tomato sauce will get everywhere!

Are you a fan of the food trucks or are you a more traditional nacho and hot dog type of person? What is your favorite truck that regularly makes appearances at Avaya? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for Day 6 tomorrow.