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Earthquakes Advent Calendar Day 8: Wooden Spoon

2018 was a historic season in San Jose for all the wrong reasons

Actual spoon may vary
Donovan Govan. CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Behind door number eight of our San Jose Earthquakes advent calendar is something we all knew would show up at one point, a wooden spoon. In case you are unaware the wooden spoon is handed out every season to the team with the worst record in the league. The Earthquakes have had some bad seasons since returning to the league in 2008 but last season was a low point. Optimistic Earthquakes supporters are hoping 2018 was rock bottom and the team brought on an Argentinian samurai to help raise them from the depths. Last season was still historically bad. Any future successes are theoretical but until next season the spoon is a reminder that this is a team that is in desperate need to re-invent themselves.

Still, the spoon has practical purposes. At a tailgate, a spoon is an indispensable tool and can serve many purposes. From stirring Kool-Aid to making a salad to swatting the flies buzzing around your feast a tailgate would not be the same without a wooden spoon. I would have preferred to buy one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond instead of enduring a season like the last one but that’s not how life works. For now, I will enjoy the practicality of this spoon and try to forget how we came to acquire it.

The advent calendar continues tomorrow when we reveal what is behind door number nine!