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An ode to San Jose Earthquakes soccer: Never say die!

The fine folks at COPA90 and Continental Tire put together a series of “Ode to soccer” videos celebrating teams around MLS

San Jose Ode To Soccer

San Jose soccer means Never Say Die

Posted by COPA90 on Thursday, November 23, 2017

As the San Jose Earthquakes prepare to kick off their 2018 MLS campaign, it is time to celebrate the history and the legacy of the club with an ode to soccer. Specifically, COPA90’s video “Ode to Soccer,” which chronicles all that is part of what makes the Quakes so special.

From its over 40 year history to its promising future, the Earthquakes soccer club holds a special place in the hearts of Bay Area soccer fans. Incredible players have provided incredible moments throughout the years, creating indelible memories of a team that embodies its black and blue collar roots.

There’s a shared passion between the players and their fans — who could forget Blond-haired bedlam and Gordon, Gordon, Gordon! in recent seasons and the Greatest Comeback in MLS History before that — that invites you in and never lets go. It’s a special connection that soccer provides like no other sport. It’s a shared consciousness for the beautiful game.

The Earthquakes don’t buy their way to the top, they earn it, and oftentimes, game to game, season to season, it is a challenge. But the team on the field, as well as the fans in the stands, don’t hang their heads and give up. When the scoreboard is not in their favor, they buckle down, the press their opponents, they push everyone forward in search of that elusive goal. In short, the Quakes, then, now, and forever, never say die!