Wondo: The Old Man Ain't Done Yet!

Contrary to reports of his demise, relegation to the bench, and suggestions that the trade for pizza enthusiast, Dominic Uduro would put a fork in Wondo, he proved Saturday that he is still the Quakes best scoring option.

13 minutes after subbing into the game for Danny Hoesen, Wondo got a breakaway and struck a hard shot directly at Toronto's keeper, Alex Bono, who couldn't hold onto it. The ball popped back toward Wondo who (as every AYSO kid is told to do) followed his shot and was able to poke it in over Bono for his 141st career MLS goal. This was no meaningless goal either, it tied the match and prevented the Quakes from suffering yet another embarrassing defeat in a game where they significantly out shot their opponent, 18 to 8.

Now only four MLS career goals behind the man widely believed to be the greatest homegrown US soccer player and MLS legend, Landon Donovan. Wondo needs to score five goals in the Quakes final 10 games to end the season as MLS's career goal leader. You can follow the Quakes #WondoWatch here.

In a season where defeat is the norm, Wondo's chase of history is a bright spot.

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