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Soccer at Constitution

It is always a beautiful time for soccer on a Sunday afternoon, but today was an exceptional experience for the Salinas Valley team of El Camino Futbol Club. The dispute for the NorCal Premiere League tournament was off to a great start at Constitution park in Salinas California. After the re-opening of this park us viewers have enjoyed the emotion that comes with witnessing such youth play with skill, passion, and desire for victory.

That victory came to the hands of ECFC many times today having a perfect afternoon in its numerous categories. Their day went a little past perfection having their schedule look like this.

In attack!

The ECFC boys came ready with their aerial game

It all began at 9:45 am for the U-14 boys of the El Camino academy as they faced the San Jose Surf Soccer Club in a tough battle. ECFC's first bell gave its first chyme as the won with an overwhelming victory of four goals to zero. At the end of this match the next category of U-15 boys received the San Jose team of Barcelona giving them the same tasty dish with a 4-0 victory. The U-17 boys also faced the San Jose Surf Club in a game that saw an exagerated number of goals ending with a 6-0 victory for the Salinas team.

The last boys team also won their match giving a nice cherry on top to the ice-cream sundae that this beautiful day brought to the young players. The families of these teams were also delighted ending each game with a round of applause to the competing teams.

After the match we got to speak to the ECFC coach; Adrian Moreno. "In three years we have three finals and have won two of those." This is their winning record in their participation in the NorCal Tournament. More than 1000 teams participate in this tournament from all over California. Moreno says that his boys have something special as they have played together for almost nine years. They are getting ready to compete in the MVLA Bay Fall Cup of 2019.

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