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Earthquake Reveal Jersey for 2019 Season

The weather ruined the party but the reveal went digital

The San Jose Earthquakes released their new look for the 2019 season, and it’s a different kit from last year that’s for sure. If that sentence doesn’t seem very enthusiastic, it’s because the new jerseys don’t give me a reason to get excited. Seriously, it looks like someone from the front office went down the street to Marshalls and found an old design and said, “Meh, good enough.”

The just-released San Jose Earthquakes jersey in all its plain glory.

The chevron “impact” designs are still there, but it is much smaller than they had been and it looks like the stitching creates them instead of being printed on like the last couple of years. The rest of the jersey is just black. No sponsor, no other shapes, no giant brown bear printed across the chest.

I’m ok with not having a sponsor dominate the front of the jersey but with payrolls continuing to go up any extra money a team brings in is sacred. There is still time before the season opener on March 2 to sign a sponsor and while I wouldn’t want the front office to rush into a deal that doesn’t work out for the team missing out on that financial opportunity could have lasting effects. The Quakes are a team chasing the newer, flashier teams and they are going to need all the money they can find to compete.

I hope most people disagree with me, and this jersey flies off the shelves which makes the team so much money that Jesse Fioranelli can dive into a pile of cash Scrooge McDuck style, but I have been around this team enough that usually, hope turns into dissapointment. Cheers.