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A Historic Moment in Quakes History is Now a Historic Shirt

Have you even wanted a shirtless Wondo on a shirt?

Click here to get the shirt directly from BreakingT.

Chris Wondolowski is one of the most legendary players in MLS history and on Wednesday night he cemented himself as the greatest player in San Jose Earthquakes history. Now you can relive that moment whenever you want with this T-Shirt from our amigos at Breaking T.

Own a part of Quakes history with this dope shirt.

Facing a one-match suspension for being too passionate, Wondo knew he couldn’t leave his teammates without his fighting spirit. Instead of staying home or watching from some cushy luxury box, he jumped into the pit behind Avaya Stadiums’ western stand and joined the most passionate fans in 90 minutes of dancing jumping and all-around madness.

When the Quakes scored in the 35th minute, Wondo and his fellow Ultras celebrated as they usually do: by taking off their shirts. The moment became an instant classic in Avaya Stadium history and will be spoken of for years to come. If you want your slice of history, click this link!