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Almeyda ready to ride with same San Jose Earthquakes roster

Plus, Wondo confirms this is his last go-round.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Atlanta United FC Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Matias Almeyda is touting continuity on the roster as a good thing in his second preseason with the San Jose Earthquakes. Talking to reporters at the club’s media day on Wednesday, Almeyda claimed he could only get to 80 percent capacity of what he wanted to do on the Cancun trip last year, and thinks he can get more out of his group this year.

On one hand, there can be some truth in keeping continuity year over year, every title-winning team in MLS has a large core group in place for at least a couple years. And Almeyda’s unusual tactical system means more time with the players means, in theory, they’ll understand it better in year two.

But many outsiders (and Quakes fans) think Almeyda got way more out of one of the weaker rosters in MLS last year than expected, and they still fell short of the playoffs. Whether Almeyda really believes he has the roster capable of making a jump up or is spinning a tough hand is hard to say, but it sure sounds like he’s prepared to go with the squad he’s currently got, and those waiting for a big move may end up being disappointed. We’ll see.

More news for your Friday:

  • Background on jersey sponsorship: Robert Jonas has a good feature on the backstory into the Quakes’ jersey sponsorship deal with Intermedia Communications over on Pro Soccer USA. In addition to the stadium naming rights, club COO Jared Shawlee vows in the story to work on adding a jersey patch sponsor, which is a new initiative around MLS this season for each club.
  • Cali Clasico trash talk: Chicharito is the big signing in MLS, down south, and Nick Lima isn’t impressed — “I don’t think he’s going to make a difference. It’s one team, he’s one player. It’s a team sport.” Chris Wondolowski is a bit more polite but offers no well wishes: “I wish him all the health. I hope that he stays healthy and has a great time. But I can’t wish the Galaxy much luck. I hope they finish seventh or eighth place this year.” To quote Bart Scott: Can’t wait. Can’t wait.
  • More media day highlights: Wondo spoke about wanting to win in his final year (confirming this will be his last year), and Almeyda admitted during the famous football game he played last year that he got hurt.

As someone who once broke a rib making a diving catch of a football, I get it, the struggle is real, Matias.

Today’s question: If you could choose the Quakes’ jersey sleeve sponsor, is there one you’d want? Leave a comment below, let’s chat on this Friday!