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Why a preseason may transform Andy Rios’ game with San Jose Earthquakes

Veteran makes good points about full prep.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It can be easy to joke about the rigors of the San Jose Earthquakes’ preseason, but forward Andy Rios had a useful counterpoint in a video produced by the club this week.

Rios and fellow midseason signing Carlos Fierro didn’t set MLS alight once joining last year, and I think some are ready to write the players off. But Rios, a wily veteran of 30 with experience in six different countries, did explain that preseason is obviously important for players to be on the same page with each other and the coaching staff on day one, and there’s reason for optimism that he and Fierro will benefit from the full runway to the start of the season this year.

More news for your Friday:

  • Alanis on why he joined: Here’s another good video, of Oswaldo Alanis explaining why this was the time for him to join the Quakes.
  • Tena on why Alanis left Chivas: Meanwhile, Chivas don’t seem to be missing Alanis, with embattled manager Luis Fernando Tena claiming earlier this week that Alanis was the low man on the depth chart and he asked to move. I guess if you were buried, you would try to move on, too.
  • But also, preseason is hard: While Rios makes a good point about the importance of the preseason, this story on the team website does give an idea of how taxing, mentally and physically, preseason is. Stay hydrated, fellas.
  • Schedule snafu: Did you get an entry on your Quakes calendar yesterday that was an advertisement? Lots of MLS fans did and were understandably unhappy about it. Our friends at Black and Red United go over the annoying situation.

Today’s question: What are you realistically expecting from Andy Rios and Carlos Fierro with the Quakes in 2020? Let’s chat about that and anything else you like in the comments!