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Chris Wondolowski is ‘King of San Jose’ and now you can get T-shirt to prove it

Check out the latest offering from BreakingT.

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Courtesy of BreakingT

There was a poignant shot of San Jose Earthquakes legend Chris Wondolowski after their last home game of the regular season recently.

The all-time leading scorer in MLS sat on the field, soaking in Earthquakes Stadium, perhaps for the last time this season, perhaps for the last time in his career as a player.

Inspired by that emotional image, our friends at BreakingT have a great new T-shirt of Wondo, dubbing him the “King of San Jose.”

The T-shirt features Wondolowski sitting on the turf, with “WONDO” spelled out in the stands beside him, and his title as King above it all.

The shirt is licensed from the MLS Players’ Association, which means the proceeds go to the players, so you can buy it and wear it with a clear conscience that everything is above board.

So don’t delay — buy your Wondo “King of San Jose” shirt today, and wear it at the grocery store, on your walks around your neighborhood, or hey, even watching the next Earthquakes game.