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Chris Wondolowski mulling prospect to play another season

Not definitive, but the legend looks like he could give it another go.

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Los Angeles FC v San Jose Earthquakes

A new report on Wednesday should be fantastic news for fans of Chris Wondolowski.

Following a previous announcement he planned to retire after the 2020 season, he appears to be mulling over whether to come back and play next season.

“I still want to play one more year,” Wondolowski told the San Jose Mercury News’ Elliott Almond in a story that ran Wednesday.

In what was to be his final year, the coronavirus pandemic shut down the season, and when play resumed Wondolowski went from a bench option to a scoring bench option for Matias Almeyda this season, to once again a starter, the second season running he’s found a way to get back into the XI under the Argentine.

But during the Earthquakes’ final home game, likely of the season, last month, Wondolowski spent a long time on the Earthquakes Stadium field after the match, with many wondering if it was his final goodbye to the home he helped build.

Wondolowski told Almond he wants to go out in front of a crowd.

“It is something that I do want — to play for my fans one more time,” he said to the Mercury News.

At this point, Wondolowski says that he says he’s going to “leave all options open.” That means there’s no guarantee he’ll necessarily return to San Jose, or maybe he will change his mind and still retire after the playoffs.

Wondolowski is the all-time MLS leader in scoring, with 166 goals in the regular season, 162 of those with San Jose. Since the team returned to MLS play in 2008, Wondo has been the San Jose Earthquakes, in a way.

By the way, if you want a behind-the-scenes peek at Wondo, there was a fantastic oral history on the legend from his teammates over at The Athletic this week. Be sure to check that, and Almond’s article, which goes into far more depth on Wondo’s recent frame of mind.

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