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San Jose Earthquakes sign Ben Remez as 2021 eMLS player

Newcomer joins with new season approaching.

Courtesy of San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes announced Wednesday their eMLS player for the 2021 season, in Ben “BENR” Remez.

The 20-year-old lives in Sunnyvale and is originally from Israel. He’s been a competitive gamer since 2017 and has placed well in FIFA FUT international tournaments in recent years.

Remez is also an Earthquakes fan, and has season tickets with his family.

“I’m excited because eMLS is a very competitive league, and I get to represent my hometown club,” said Remez in a club statement. “There are a lot of great players and young players like me, so anything can happen. I’m here to represent the Earthquakes in the best way possible and will work to put us on the map in FIFA.”

The 2021 eMLS season is retaining the remote format used for latter part of this season, due to the coronavirus pandemic. MLS announced Wednesday that the opening event, Series 1, will take place Jan. 16-17, followed by Series 2 on Feb. 13-14. A last chance qualifier, basically a repechage round for those not already qualified for the eMLS Cup, will be held Mar. 16-17, and eMLS Cup itself will take place Mar. 20-21. The competition will be streamed on Twitch.

The Earthquakes’ former eMLS player, Alan “CaliSCG” Ortega, had a classy congrats to the new kid on the block on Twitter after the announcement dropped.

So, good luck to Remez and we’ll see you next month in the eMLS season opener.

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