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Matias Almeyda urges Lionel Messi to join San Jose Earthquakes

He really did!

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We know Matias Almeyda has had a power in drawing players to play for the San Jose Earthquakes the past two years, but his latest quest would certainly be the biggest yet.

Almeyda was interviewed about superstar Lionel Messi saying he was interested in a move to MLS recently, and the Earthquakes head coach literally said he wanted Messi to play in MLS and that he should come to San Jose.

OK, he did laugh after saying that, but maybe it was to keep the league off his trail for tampering, trying to argue he was making a lighthearted comment, that’s all!

But seriously, while we don’t know if the Earthquakes would be willing to spend $10 million per year or much more in salary to have the world’s best player on their roster, Almeyda’s explanation for why Messi should come to MLS in general — because the United States is the place for superstars to live like normal people — is certainly true.

Other stars, like Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney, have publicly spoken about the ability to live without being hounded out in public being a huge selling point for their decision to come to MLS. Even David Beckham, who was pretty well known when he was in the United States, still got to drive around town himself, unlike his days in Manchester when he literally hid on the floor of his car every time he left his house.

So Almeyda’s observation is perceptive and entirely accurate. Does that mean Messi is bound for MLS? Does it mean he’s bound for the Earthquakes? Hey, you never know. Maybe Almeyda is working the channels as we speak.

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