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San Jose Earthquakes unveil new secondary jersey for 2020 season

Bold design leads to initial mixed opinions, banter.

Courtesy of MLS

It’s official: The new San Jose Earthquakes jersey is here.

The club revealed their new secondary jersey for the 2020 season at a leaguewide event in New York Wednesday evening, and it confirmed previous leaks about the new jersey.

The jersey is an homage to San Jose’s city flag, with a yellow horizontal stripe followed by white and blue stripes below it. The blue stripe across the chest also echoes the color block on the chest of the current primary kit as well.

However...yellow, white and lighter blue also happens to be the regular colors of the Quakes’ primary rival, which makes this color combination rather controversial.

Bantz ensued.

Details include references to the founding date of the original Quakes team, 1974, on the jock tag, and the outside neck tag has a San Jose in stylized font.

One of the biggest surprises to me was how low the new jersey sponsor, Intermedia Communications, is on the secondary jersey. I assumed it would sit kind of between the blue and yellow chest stripes, with probably some overlap on the lower blue stripe, but the chest is open and the sponsor will sit in the upper belly section. It’s unusual, but perhaps the start of a new trend?

Will this look win over supporters with the city ties, or is the Galaxy link just too much? Time will tell! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!