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Catch San Jose Earthquakes’ “greatest comeback” on demand

Watch one of the greatest MLS games ever.

San Jose Earthquakes Landon Donovan, #10, left, and Rodrigo Faria, #22, right, celebrate their overtime win against the Los Angeles Galaxy at Spartan Stadium in San Jose on Sunday, November 9, 2003. The Earthquakes won in the first overtime. (SAN JOSE M Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

The San Jose Earthquakes have had a bunch of great memories over the years, and a bunch of great memories over their California Clasico rival, the LA Galaxy.

You can relive some of that with the Earthquakes Monday night at 5 pm PT as they stream a re-airing of the “greatest comeback” in the 2003 MLS Playoffs. You can watch the video below as well on demand.

If you’re new to the Quakes, this is probably the best playoff game in MLS history. San Jose entered the game down 2-0 on aggregate to the Galaxy, before going down 2-0 in the game, to an awful 4-0 deficit with about 75 minutes left to play.

From there...history was made. You can probably gather what happened from the name of the game, but it’s still a total stunner, and completely entertaining to look back on from an Earthquakes perspective.

Got any special memories of the game? We’ll be watching live, too, let’s chat about The Comeback together in the comments.