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Goonies Magic! Lenhart winner! Watch San Jose Earthquakes classic Tuesday night

NBC Sports California to air 2012 victory.

Seattle Sounders v San Jose Earthquakes

If you have NBC Sports California and want to watch a San Jose Earthquakes’ classic, you’re in luck on Tuesday night, as the network will air a 2012 win by the Quakes over the Seattle Sounders at 8 pm PT.

The game was a home clash in August at Buck Shaw Stadium. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing, but in a year where the Goonies were a rallying cry for San Jose, this was one of the most dramatic games in a string of them. And cult hero Steven Lenhart grabbed the winner — you’ll want to check out the final minutes in particular to see how the game unfolded.

There are more Quakes re-airings coming up, both on NBC Sports California and NBC Sports Bay Area, and to be streamed to everyone by MLS. We’ll keep you posted on game re-airings and details as we get them.

Do you remember this game? What stands out for you? Let’s chat in the comments below.