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Breaking news: Matias Almeyda shaved his head

Pelado is now indeed pelado.

Twitter (@SJEarthquakes)

Matias Almeyda has been working hard to stay occupied during the coronavirus shutdown, with the San Jose Earthquakes doing regular Instagram Live streams and showing off his personality in new ways seemingly every day.

In the offseason, Almeyda’s famous hairdo, a flowing mullet-ish style, was trimmed but that flow was still there.

But this week the coach really took the plunge and shaved it allllllllllllllllllllllllll off.

Pelado is now really pelado. If you don’t know, Almeyda’s nickname, “Pelado,” is an ironic nickname meaning “baldy.” But now it’s real!

I realize the coach shaving his head — many coaches always wear shaved heads — may not seem like a big deal, many of us have to take drastic grooming measures during the stay-at-home period. I also think Almeyda looks good with a shaved head, although he’s a handsome fellow and probably looks good regardless. Still, we know some people can pull off a shaved head and others can’t — he definitely belongs in the category of people who can pull it off.

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