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Check out first-ever California Clasico on Thursday afternoon

Not in NorCal’s favor, but a chance to look back on how it started.

Tom Liner Clash

There’s been a lot of old San Jose MLS games on the internet and television lately, and there are more coming your way, with TUDN airing classic games beginning this week, with the next one up being the first-ever California Clasico on Thursday afternoon.

On April 28, 1996, the LA Galaxy hosted the San Jose Clash at the Rose Bowl, and a rivalry was born. While the result wasn’t what SJ hoped for, there was a goal and Clash goalkeeper Tom Liner was kept pretty busy on the day.

Here’s some highlights if you want a refresh:

The re-airing of the first Cali Clasico will be on TUDN at 3 pm PT on Thursday.

Be on the lookout for more San Jose games airing on TUDN, with a bloc of them coming in May.

This result may not have gone San Jose’s way, but it’s nice to look back on history and see where it all began, and this is the absolute best time to do it while we’re waiting for new sports to return.

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