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Catch the Cali Clasico where Q gets in David Beckham’s head

A retro classic definitely worth watching!

Colorado Rapids v San Jose Earthquakes Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images

One of the best random MLS gifs is this one:

David Beckham is raging after a California Clasico loss to the San Jose Earthquakes at Stanford Stadium, and Quakes mascot Q is hovering in the background, to make sure it gets the promotional sign in frame before the broadcast ends, and the best way to do it is around Beckham. Only Beckham is trying to fight someone.

Now, you can watch the game that led up to that hilarious ending, as MLS will be streaming the California Clasico between the Quakes and LA Galaxy from 2012, on Wednesday at 1 pm PT.

The stream will be a “remix” event, with new commentary and notable names from MLS jumping in to provide background info and have a good time during the game. I doubt Beckham will be on the stream, but hey, guess you never know.

This was a very good game for the Quakes and one of those during what’s been a fairly successful run over the past decade against the Galaxy in the regular season, especially the annual Stanford Stadium match.

Catch it on, YouTube, the MLS app and MLS’s Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon.

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