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New San Jose Earthquakes NASL documentary well worth a watch

Tons of great footage and insight of the original Quakes.

New York Cosmos v San Jose Earthquakes

The San Jose Earthquakes released a documentary this week about the original iteration of the club, the NASL team, on their YouTube channel.

Featuring tons of archival footage, including plenty of “Super 8” video that looked like home movie quality, the documentary is a total treat for those who want to reminisce about the early days of the original Quakes or want to learn more about the original NASL days.

Among the highlights:

  • The story behind the team’s name (both the city and the nickname)
  • The hurried trip to the airport after their first game
  • NASL Indoor soccer footage!
  • A victory lap with a trophy
  • Krazy George with...interesting stories
  • Pelé scores a goal (against the Quakes)

Honestly, take an hour that would have been used for watching a game and watch this. I think this is really well done and think it’s absolutely worth a watch.

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