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San Jose Earthquakes as the Avengers

Let’s have some fun and do a crossover.

MLS: Toronto FC at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What if the San Jose Earthquakes were the Avengers? Sure, let’s give it a shot. I gave a wild swing, but would love to hear your input on these, too.

Chris Wondolowski as Captain America

This one’s pretty easy. The Captain led by example, stepped up when everything was on the line, represented his country with pride, and saved the day on more than one occasion. It’s seamless, really.

Jackson Yueill as Iron Man

Bursting with intelligence, a behind-the-scenes leader who stirs the team’s drink, so to speak, with a handsome, charismatic way about him, Yueill is still young but seems like he can take the Iron Man mantle with no hesitation.

Guram Kashia as the Hulk

You don’t want to make him mad...While the Quakes don’t have a bunch of hotheads these days, the one player on this roster who looks capable of hulking out and throwing a few foes aside with ease is definitely the Georgian defender.

Magnus Eriksson as Thor

They hail from similar places, they drop the hammer when the occasion calls for it, and like Thor, Eriksson contains multitudes behind his athletic prowess.

Cristian Espinoza as Spider-Man

Sure, Spider-Man does all kinds of damage to the bad guys with his hands, but Espinoza has merely evolved to do it with his feet, tangling up opponents with his speed and spiderwebs while flying up the flank in attack.

Nick Lima as Hawkeye

Hawkeye isn’t front and center very much, but he comes to the fore when needed and his archery skills are second to none. That sounds a lot like Lima, capable of remarkable positional flexibility and perhaps the best around in getting in a cross on target.

Tommy Thompson as Quicksilver

Fleet of foot, with a brain buzzing at a million miles a minute, TomThom is an easy choice here. The versatile player has a ceaseless engine like Quicksilver, or else he wouldn’t be able to have the best footwork in MLS, or be a savant at his many, many hobbies.

Oswaldo Alanis as Falcon

The defender hasn’t been around the Quakes for long, but with a skillset that is rather unusual for someone in his position, his presence is a big upgrade for the team, just like Falcon. I’m not sure about his affinity for birds, but let’s run with it.

Danny Hoesen as Black Panther

The striker comes from a long tradition of excellence from his homeland, much like the Black Panther. Plus, Hoesen’s skills have a cerebral quality to enhance them, much like his alter ego.

Cade Cowell as War Machine

The newbie on the block, Cowell may be young but with the frame of a grown man and an ability to make the most of his first opportunity, the teenager is a new member of the gang but fits in after following along for a long time.

Judson as Ant-Man

The midfielder doesn’t necessarily look like he would be such an asset, but his diminutive size gives him an element of surprise to opponents and he catches them all unaware with his ability to fit into any speck of the pitch.


So, how did I do? What did I get right or wrong? Let’s chat in the comments below, give me your picks!