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San Jose Earthquakes poke fun at Kevin Durant after he joins Philadelphia Union ownership

Just a little good-natured ribbing on social media.

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

The Philadelphia Union officially announced NBA star Kevin Durant has bought an ownership stake in the club. The move, long anticipated after Durant had previously tried to buy a stake in at least one other MLS club, makes him just the latest NBA star, past or present, to join the MLS ownership ranks, joining the likes of James Harden (Houston Dynamo) and Magic Johnson (LAFC).

In celebration, the San Jose Earthquakes dropped a hilarious response on Twitter.

It’s a good joke, poking fun at Durant leaving a former team to move to the Bay Area and find greater success, and for Durant’s famous penchant for using a burner account to look up takes on himself and pretty much get mixed up in petty stuff on the internet when he is too rich and famous for that.

Anyway, it’s a good bit of poking fun, and is actually funny and not really that mean, something brands, including other MLS teams, struggle badly at finding the balance on. We’ll see if Durant (or his burner) has any responses forthcoming.

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