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San Jose Earthquakes to host drive-in viewing parties for MLS is Back Tournament

Experience a communal sporting experience from the safety of your own car.

Irish supporters watch the Merseyside derby from a Drive In Theatre in Dublin Photo By David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile via Getty Images

The San Jose Earthquakes announced they will be hosting drive-in viewing parties to watch the team’s group stage games at the MLS is Back Tournament, which is scheduled to kick off this week.

The club will host viewings for Friday’s match against the Seattle Sounders at two locations around Earthquakes Stadium: 7UP Epicenter with limited VIP spacing, and in the Tailgate Lot. According to the club’s announcement: “Fans will get to park their cars on the grass of the 7UP Epicenter and view the match on the stadium videoboard that faces Coleman Ave. Fans in the Tailgate Lot will enjoy the match on a giant video display that will include an FM signal for match audio.”

Subsequent games, on July 15 and July 20, will have drive-in experiences at the 7UP Epicenter only.

Fans who want to attend a drive-in viewing party are asked to RSVP for only one of the games right now due to limited space. You can RSVP at this site. Attending a drive-in viewing party is free of charge.

The club is also accepting food and other items for donation at these watch parties, to benefit the African American Community Services Agency CARES program. If you RSVP to a game, the club will provide more information about these donations, including safety precautions to take.

I think the drive-in party is a great idea. They’re being done in some spots in Europe, and when I was a new parent who didn’t get to go to a movie theater for a couple years, my family would go to drive-in theaters to watch movies and it’s nice. It will also give you a taste of a communal sporting experience while also practicing social distancing. Here’s hoping the initiative is a success.

Update: This story was updated after FC Dallas dropped out of the tournament. They were scheduled to play San Jose July 20. It is currently unclear if the Earthquakes will have a game against another opponent that day or not. We will update if that changes.

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