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San Jose Earthquakes’ Ben Remez reaches final tournament of eMLS League Series 2

Rookie is making waves.

Courtesy of San Jose Earthquakes

The 2021 eMLS season is well underway, and midway through the League Series 2 event, there’s good news for the San Jose Earthquakes and their eMLS pro, Ben “BENR” Remez.

Remez qualified for the final tournament for League Series 2, which means he’s in contention to win the event title and win some cash and prizes.

He got the eighth and final spot in the final tourney with a 7-0-5 record, and will match up against Austin FC’s player as the top seed in the first round, that match coming Saturday at 12 pm PT on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the MLS app.

Remez is a rookie and is in a tough half of the bracket, but he’s already beat the player he could take on in the next round if he advances, from NYCFC, and he’s been in form. You never know, he could help the Quakes get to the top of the eMLS heap for the first time by weekend’s end! Best of luck to him in the League Series 2 final event.

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