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Matias Almeyda’s father dies suddenly in Argentina

Condolences to the coach and his family.

Los Angeles Galaxy v San Jose Earthquakes

News broke Tuesday that San Jose Earthquakes head coach Matias Almeyda’s father Oscar passed away suddenly in Argentina, after a reported battle with coronavirus.

According to reporter John Rojas, not only did Oscar Almeyda die from coronavirus, but his wife and Matias’ mother is also hospitalized with the virus but is currently recovering.

The Earthquakes were planning to release their new jersey for the 2021 season on Tuesday, but announced they would delay that until Wednesday out of respect for the loss of Oscar Almeyda.

It is unclear if Almeyda was in Argentina with his parents when they took ill and remains in his native country, or if he reported to San Jose along with his squad by Monday to begin the quarantine period before full training camp is supposed to open next Monday. Either way, it’s certainly understandable if he will stay in Argentina if he’s there or return there to lay his father to rest.

It’s a private time and a very difficult moment. Our condolences to the Almeyda family in this difficult time.

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