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San Jose Earthquakes expect to allow some fans in stadium from start of 2021 season

Some possible good news after a long year.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at San Jose Earthquakes Chris Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The state of California appears to be well on the path to reopening fully from the coronavirus pandemic. With the COVID vaccine being distributed, perhaps the reopening will not lead to another surge of the virus, leading to another shutdown.

In light of that, the state announced Friday a path for entertainment events, including live sports, to reopen to allow fans to watch in person once again. And the good news is that could come as soon as the start of the 2021 MLS regular season on Apr. 17.

The order says that depending on the tier a county in the state is, from Apr. 1 outdoor events can allow the public again, and that includes the San Jose Earthquakes.

In fact, while Santa Clara County has been one of the most restrictive during the pandemic, they seem to have paved the way for Earthquakes games as soon as next month.

The Earthquakes released a statement regarding the reopening announcement Friday evening:

We’re excited to safely welcome fans back to Earthquakes Stadium when the 2021 Major League Soccer season kicks off next month. The Quakes appreciate Santa Clara County and the California Department of Public Health for their respective guidance to keep our community safe, and we’re looking forward to continue making our home a welcoming meeting place for all.

In the most restrictive purple tier, capacity will be limited to 100 people and attendance will be limited to regional visitors. Capacity will be limited to 20% in the red tier, 33% in the orange tier, and 67% in the least-restrictive yellow tier. Attendance at outdoor sporting events will be limited to in-state visitors, regardless of tier. For more information, click here.

So as we know by now, nothing is guaranteed, but it seems quite likely there will be at least 100 fans in attendance from the start of the season. Just how many fans will be allowed and how will they get the limited capacity tickets? Details will surely be rolled out before too long. We’ll keep you posted.

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